Mission and Vision of the Company

Our mission is to provide our customers with work, safety and free time footwear products that use modern materials and technologies in order to ensure both essential protection and comfort in every day life while respecting the price demanded by our customers. Apart from our products we also provide comprehensive consulting services in the field of shoemaking.

 Our aim is to take advantage of our narrow specialization, long term experience and responsible attitude, which regards both our products and our partners, and to become one of the leading suppliers of work and safety footwear in the Central and Eastern European markets. 

 Our goal is to build strategic partnerships with distributors of personal protection equipment. We never do direct business with final customers.

 Our ambition is to be a good and reliable partner to our customers. In our business we always follow the principals of professionalism, responsibility and we make constant efforts to keep improving our products and services. We are interested in building long term business relationships that are based on mutual trust where both sides have a fair attitude.

 One of the company's goals is to create favourable and motivating environment to encourage the personal growth of its employees. The long term cooperation and satisfaction of our employees are one of our priorities.