BENNON Group a.s. is the exclusive owner of the BENNON® and ADAMANT® trademarks that, due to its range of products, quality and price, reflect the current needs of the market.

The company's offer includes mostly work and safety footwear and outdoor footwear. Apart from this we offer models that are suitable for leisure and sporting activities, footwear for uniformed personnel, rubber boots, cork slippers, etc. Our products also include laces, insoles, shoe care products and other additional footwear products. 

In 2017 the company expanded its range with work and free-time clothing of its own brand PROMACHER®.


ADAMANT® includes basic models focused on the needs of our customers that are mainly motivated by the low price.


BENNON® consists of several collections that provide our customers with footwear products with a higher added value that results from higher quality materials and components or from advanced manufacturing technologies. The motto of our brand, which says “EXPERIENCE OF EXPERTS”, clearly signals that we base our significant advantage over potential competitors on our narrow specialization and our long term experience in the shoe industry and that our goal is to satisfy our customers and make them come back by providing them with reliable and long-lasting products.


PROMACHER® offers customers a special collection Technical, which is focused on workwear. Furthermore offers separate collections of work and free-time sweatshirts, jackets, pants, as well as accessories. All products have an excellent cut, are developed from quality materials and tested in various conditions.