Terms of Delivery and Complaints



  • Orders received within 10 am will be processed on the same working day
  • Orders received after 10 am will be processed the next working day



Prices do not include costs for shipping


Payment in advance.

The Basic prices are the prices recommended for the end customer and are listed without VAT.

For sizes 49 and 50, the price of shoes is 10% higher

The company BENNON Group a. s. reserves the right to change the price list in cases of change of exchange rate between CZK and USD or CZK and EUR, or change of transport prices by more than 5%.

In case of incomplete delivery upon delivery, please contact the customer support immediately.


All complaints shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Czech Republic and by the Complaints Procedure Rules. If there is a legitimate complaint, the cost of postage shall be paid by BENNON Group a. s.


Information for customers on operating times – 2023
05. - 06. 07. 2023 closed (public holiday)
28. 09. 2023 closed (public holiday)
17. 11. 2023 closed (public holiday)
22. - 31.12. 2023 closed (Christmas holidays) 
01. -04. 01. 2024 closed inventory