Trading Terms and Conditions

The general trading terms and conditions

BENNON Group a.s. cares to build business relationships that are fair and respectable in order to make both sides happy for a long period of time (see the code of conduct for employees). We prefer higher level partnerships, therefore, if our customers are interested, we provide them with a framework agreement where both contracting parties define not only some discounts and the general trading terms and conditions but also their specific terms and conditions that best suit both parties.
Applies to all undelivered products marked as Pre-sale in B2B.
• 10% VOC discount applies when ordering within 90 days of the item going on pre-sale
• 5% VOC discount on orders placed after 90 days of the item going on pre-sale
• any quantity can be ordered

Discount validity dates and amounts are listed in the product description after logging into B2B.
The mentioned discounts expire after the products are stocked.

Reservation orders

With reservation orders, it is possible to secure stock in advance and be sure that the product will be available.

Applies to all currently offered products excluding pre-sale items.
• a 5% VOC discount will be applied to all products except for items with individual prices, where the amount of the discount will be determined separately.
• delivery not earlier than 6 months from ordering
• minimum quantity of 50 pairs/pcs by model and at least 10 pairs/pcs by size