Our company can be already proud of the recently received "comfort shoes" certificate from the Czech Footwear and Leather Association (CFLA).

The certificate "Comfort Shoes" provides our customers certainty because the shoes with this certificate have all the standards and regulations, but also it means healthy footwear and quality assurance.

Currently, CFLA comprises approximately 59 companies and institutions concerned with manufacture, sale as well as research and testing of footwear, shoe materials and components in the territory of the Czech Republic.

 For a worker who stands on his feet for up to 12 hours, quality and comfort are very important, not only for his/her efficiency, but also for the concentration.

Our company Z-STYLE pays a lot of attention to a comfort of footwear.

The comfort in the inside of the shoe and shock absorption are the indispensable qualities, and especially thanks to this qualities we have received this significant certificate.

Specifically, we are talking about the Bennon models that come from collection Prim and Tactical.



    Each model that has received the certificate "Comfort Shoes"  is marked with this sign.